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Rewoda gets up to date with the GaN- and graphene-enhanced Omni-Power fast-charger range

Rewoda has unveiled its new Omni-Power range of accessories for device charging. It asserts that these new products will help certain users get all they can out of the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) technology baked into their devices: for example, the iPhone 11 ships with a 5-watt (W) adapter, despite the fact it is rated for 18W charging.

The company also claims that their new charging platform can power various devices at high rates or volumes, so that the same iPhone can charge to 55% in 30 minutes while a notebook capable of charging through a USB type-C port can do so at its optimal wattage.

The Omni-Power series boasts up-to-date properties such as graphene overlays for energy transfer or storage. It also incorporates the new gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor standard for the same, which also makes the new accessories ultra-compact and portable.

The new Omni-Power offerings include the new 63W Focus Duo dual-port USB-PD mains charger. Accordingly, it can power a MacBook Pro through one port, or 2 devices that support 45W and 18W charging respectively while using both ports. Alternatively, the new single-port Minima is advertised as “the world’s smallest 27W PD charger”.

Omni-Power also encompasses the Unity Wireless USB type-C notebook hub, which has a 100W PD charging port, as well as 18W Qi wireless charging.

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Post time: Nov-19-2019